about ichik·studio

At ichik·studio we believe in dreams and their power, which is why we invite you let us make your dreams a reality today, adding more than 10 years of experience in creative visual communication to your project.

ichik·studio is an online studio, due to the plasticity that the world wide web offers us, although we always prefer to be able to meet face to face and have a coffee with our clients to talk about our dreams.

Lo nuestro es la creatividad, especialmente enfocada al diseño, la comunicación visual y, sobre todo, la creación y manejo de personalidades de marca o también llamado branding.

Our trade is creativity, especially focused on design, visual communication and, above all, branding.

Our history

We have been working in different fields for more than 10 years: from large advertising agencies (Saatchi & Saatchi, DDB) to the public sector in Guatemala (SBSAECID) also in the associative sector (Niños de Guatemala, Cruz Roja, Helvetas). We have managed to accumulate a lot of experience, and we have also gained the perspective of how organizations are in relation to the world, and this is what we offer our clients/entrepreneurs.

Creativity is part of our DNA and is also our commitment to solving problems, whether it is finding new ways to connect our clients with their own clients, or generating practical ideas to convey the personality of a brand.


Every entrepreneur dreams of a better world and at ichik·studio we want to help make those dreams come true with what we do best: design and creativity.


We seek to help entrepreneurs do their thing (undertake), while we dedicate ourselves to ours. Create identities, images, communication materials and quality content.

Why ichik?

The word ichik is of Mayan origin and means “dream”, but not as the images we see during sleep, but as a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideals, that pleasant ethereal longing for the future. And that is how this study was born, like that desire to be part of a dream that comes true, to be the creative partner of a better world through an idea, a project, or a venture.

Why entrepreneurs?

After years of working in large advertising agencies, and consulting with organizations of different sizes and backgrounds; we have realized that our way to help better this world is not to seek only our own benefit, but to find the intermediate standpoints where everyone wins. We seek an intermediate point for our actions between big brands and the social impact.

Our experience in various sectors (public, private and associative) have given us a broader vision of the strategic niche for whom we believe will be the new pillar of the global economy, entrepreneurship.

This is our area of action, seeking to help widen the crack in the wall of inequality, which is why we seek to work with open minds and young hearts (age has nothing to do with this). We want to work with whoever knows how to contribute to make this a better world, but above all a fairer one.

Let’s make dreams come true!